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How to make a vintage bathroom?

Design a Charming Vintage Bathroom Using Accessories

Vintage Bathrooms are trendy right now, but you don't have to spend a fortune transforming your bathroom into a journey from the past. You can design a charming vintage bathroom using accessories from a few trips to the flea market and bathroom supply store.

Bathroom Accessories That Scream Retro

Remember thinking how old-fashioned your grandparents' bathroom was? The plastic bathroom accessories were functional but nothing to look at. Wood, bamboo, and rattan textures can give your bathroom that cozy look and feel while creating a vintage space.


Vintage bathroom basket


Wallpaper the room in an earth-tone retro print, then add some vintage bathroom accessories in rattan. Add a rattan tissue basket, toothbrush holder, and bathroom tray to keep things neat and organized.


vintage toothbrush container for bathroom


Elegant 1930s Bathroom

Bathrooms in the 1930s movies were spacious and oh-so elegant! You don't need a large bathroom to recreate an elegant space. Be sure the room has enough light so the bold color choices don't make it feel dark.

Add vivid colors like red, blue, or purple for the curtains, then add gold cords and tassels to the curtains. Use white or beige floor tiles with a pattern that edges the space. Do the walls in pastel hues to match your curtains.


vintage glass container for bathroom


For a rich wall covering, choose velvet wallpaper! Then add Art Deco glass accessories for that Hollywood pop. Glass boxes, a soap dish or dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and a cup in matching colors are the perfect vintage bathroom accessories to finish your space.


vintage bathroom soap dish


Use Tile to Change the Room 

You don't need new bathroom fixtures to make the bathroom look like you stepped into the 40s; change the tile. Think of a simple tiled room with a white background and a solid-color design. Green, black, and red were very popular back in the day.


vintage tiles for retro bathroom


Use the colored design as a border for the walls, floor, and your shower! To energize the shower space, you can add several rows of colored tiles. Add solid-colored window treatments and towels in the hues of the colored tiles. You want to compliment the tile with accessories to bring the colors out!

Retro Farmhouse Bath

Any room done in a farmhouse theme is popular right now. Your bathroom can be decorated with that theme and various vintage farm things as décor. Use weathered barnboard for the walls.


vintage medicine container for bathroom


Add an old-fashioned medicine chest with a mirrored front to store small toiletries and medication. Use egg-collecting baskets for hand towels and a free-standing cloth laundry basket. Hang some old farm tools on the wall, and add bright gingham curtains or window treatments. The room should be cozy and rustic.


vintage laundry basket for bathroom


Keep the Sink, Change the Faucet

While many think adding a pedestal sink makes a vintage bathroom, it’s not. You can achieve the same vintage look by keeping your sink and bathtub and changing the faucets for a more retro look. Older faucets were chrome, so keep the chrome when buying the faucet. Use chrome for the towel rings, hooks, and lighting to keep the room authentic.


vintage towel ring for bathroom


A bold pastel print or vibrant-colored paisley wallpaper will give you great accent colors for towels!

Charming Cottage Bath

Who doesn’t love cottage décor in a room? The bathroom is an ideal space for this charming look. Your sink is the best way to make this room vintage. Scour flea markets and thrift stores for a moderate-size dresser and turn it into a sink with storage.


vintage idea sink for bathroom


Add an under-mount sink, and you've captured the cottage feel you want. If making a sink is beyond your skills, The Bathroom Store has a bathroom vanity with three drawers and a Trebine Oak door perfect for cottage décor. Do the room in a solid pastel or wallpaper with a retro pastel print. The perfect cottagey colors are whites, yellows, pinks, and pastel blue.

Vintage Starts at the Door

Preview your vintage bathroom at the door. Glass doorknobs have been popular since 1826. Add the doorknob to the outside of the door. Glass doorknobs come in all colors, facets, and styles. Match the door to the room’s color.


vintage glass bathroom handle


Then add drawer pulls in the same color glass for your pastel cabinet or vanity. Vintage floral print wallpaper will give this room a stylish edge. You can find vintage print towels and curtains online to match your décor.

Lighting Makes the Space Feel Larger

The right lighting will make your space pop. There is something for every budget and taste when it comes to lighting. Use the lighting to set a vintage mood. Match the size of the lighting to your room. You don't want a huge light fixture in a small room; it will make it look smaller.


vintage bathroom lamp


A farmhouse light gives the room a retro vibe without being the main attraction. If farmhouse isn’t your thing, try a wall-mounted light in chrome or brushed nickel. You can add one to each side of your mirror or hang them separately.


luxurious vintage bathroom lamp


Add some vintage mirrors with peeling silver for rooms without natural light to reflect the room's lighting and make the space feel larger and airy. 

Use the Tube as a Focal Point

Clawfoot tubs are stunning, but not everyone can afford them. A free-standing bathtub will give the room a vintage focal point where you can enjoy luxurious baths anytime! Ensure the faucet you choose captures the period you are looking for. Use calming shades of blue that carry over for your towels and curtains. Skip the wallpaper and paint the room.


luxury vintage bathtub for bathroom


Hang a handmade, vintage quilt on the largest wall behind the tub, and you will create a showpiece like no other! If you don’t like the quilt idea, you can choose a vintage fabric and use it for the windows to upholster a small bath bench or a footstool.

The Bathroom Boutique offers retro bathroom accessories to help create the vintage bathroom of your dreams. Our showroom offers a unique shopping experience, knowledgeable staff, and room designers all in one store. We sell kitchen and bathroom needs and leave the building to the contractors!

Start your vintage bathroom project today! Contact us online or stop in and spend the afternoon shopping for your vintage needs!

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