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half bath new ideas

10 Stylish Half-Bath Ideas You'll Love

While smaller than a full bathroom, half bathrooms offer a glimpse into your style. They can also set a mood, help one relax, and are generally the most used room in your house.

You don’t need to do a full remodel to update a half bathroom; you can change one or two items in the room and create an updated space. The Bathroom Boutique has everything you need to make 10 stylish half-bath ideas you’ll love!

Update Your Vanity

Updating your half-bath using classic colors and fixtures will allow you to change the paint or wallpaper to create a new look every several years.

The quickest way to change the look of your half-bath is to get a new vanity. Choose a vanity with a stylish texture, such as a wooden or bamboo vanity.

Make it a statement piece with a unique design, like a dresser-type vanity with lots of drawers for more storage. If your walls offer bold colors or patterned wallpaper, use warm wood tones in a neutral color.


half bath neutral color ideas


The Illusion of a Larger Half-bath

If your half bathroom is small, update it with colors and fixtures that give the illusion of a larger space. The brighter the bathroom, the larger it will look. Choose light greys and pastels in blue, green, or cream.


half bathroom ideas kit


Then, choose a floating vanity and wall-mounted toilet, which will lift the eye with their higher lines.


silver half bathroom ideas


Choose classic pieces that you reuse in the next update of the room. Lastly, add a large mirror that illusively adds space and increases the room’s lighting. The upside of floating pieces is the easy bathroom clean when you don’t have to clean around the base of the toilet or sink!


half bathroom mirror ideas


Tile Half a Wall

Half-bath ideas for a stunning space should include tiling halfway up all the walls or on one wall creating a focal point in the room.  You can go with bold patterns and warm hues of color on the top to create a vibrant bathroom space. To make a warm and cozy half-bath, use colored tile on the bottom or top and a warm color as a complement. If your home has original features, build a cozy bathroom space using these features as part of your half-bath ideas. You want your guests to feel welcome in this space.


half bathroom ideas colors


Use Wood to Make Your Half-bath Cozier

Nothing like the smell of wood makes a space feel homier. Half-bath ideas should include fragrant Cedar to tickle the senses.


half bathroom ideas in brown


Choose a vanity in walnut with brass fixtures to accent the room. Add wood accents such as shelves, standing storage, mirrors with wooden frames, or a barrel for a small tree or plant.


half bath and cabinet ideas


Trim the room with a natural wood base or crown molding. Add a wooden floor. Avoid patterns such as chevrons on the floor, as they pull the eye inward, making the room appear smaller. Always use wood treated with oils, paint, or varnish to keep out bathroom moisture! 

Modern, Clean Look

When choosing a clean, modern look, think minimalist. If you want sleek lines, select a sink that mounts on the wall or a vessel sink in a geometric shape. In a small half-bath, add a corner sink to maximize space.


half bath and sink ideas


If you want to modernize, choose a smart toilet with self-cleaning technology. Bring in modern, fun lighting. If you're going to wallpaper, use small patterns and avoid dark colors. Match the color of the room to your new vanity.


half bath and compact mug ideas


A Mosaic Tile Focal Point

There is nothing more stunning than mosaic tiles in a beautiful color! The tile size and the pattern you choose don't matter. One of the best half-bath ideas is to place them as a backsplash behind the sink, go to the ceiling, or do a whole wall. These mosaic tiles should speak to the mood you are looking to create! Paint the other walls a light color so the mosaic will pop. Add a mirror to the mosaiced wall to add more light.

half bath and tile ideas

The tiles above have an oxidized copper appearance, making it easy to match towel rings, hooks, and faucets in your bathroom to complement the mosaic tile.


half bath and towel holder ideas


Textured walls

If your half-bath has paneling, don’t remove it; paint it!  White, black, and gray are trendy right now, but they are also classic colors that go with anything. If you don’t have paneling, wainscot the bathroom halfway up and paint it the color you choose. Choose a nice, rich color to paint the textured surface.


half bathroom and lamp ideas


Next, choose a complementary color to paint the upper half or use a simple tile that won’t distract from the texture. Add some updated lighting and hardware to finish the space. Maintaining the room's texture will keep the space fresh and add to its warmth!


half bathroom ideas and accessories


Add Pops of Color

Half bathrooms are smaller rooms; you don’t want to overwhelm a guest with too much décor. Choose a great color for the room, say forest green, then add hues of green in places no one would expect. A green faucet and some colored glass accents will make this bathroom pop! The detail is in the color. Be sure to add a toothbrush holder and green and white striped hand towels to the room. If the space allows, add a small rug in green hues.


half bathroom ideas and touches of color


The Power of a Faucet

Sometimes, less is more. Choose one bold piece for the half-bath if you have a small budget. A high-design faucet can modernize the bathroom's look without changing the sink or vanity.


modern half bathroom ideas


There are so many high-end options to choose from that you will have no problems finding the perfect one for your space. Remember to match the style to the décor so the faucet doesn’t look out of place. Getting the one you like that will make your bathroom look sensational, may be worth a few more bucks.

A Place for Everything

Since your half-bath is not your primary bathroom, you don’t need as much storage. Strategic storage that is attractive and can be used for more than one thing is ideal. Baskets are a great idea. They can hold dirty laundry, serve as a trash can, and hold clean towels. 


half bath basket ideas


Shelves are perfect for storage. Larger shelves can hold towels, toilet paper, and toiletries. A sleek shelf below a mirror provides extra counter space when applying makeup.


half bathroom shelf ideas


If you have the space for a slim upright cabinet, you can store everything needed in the half-bath in one cabinet and maintain a tidy bathroom space.


white cabinet half bathroom ideas


Closing the Door

Whether you have an unlimited budget or need to pinch a few pennies, updating your half-bath should be fun and easy. Create a theme, like the jungle or sea theme, or use bold colors and textures to redecorate the space. Make it a warm, welcoming space that you will enjoy being in!

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