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💲Check out our CLEARANCE products now! 🏷️
Style showers for the house

Cutting-Edge Technology in a Stylish Shower

High-tech showers are trending right now. They offer a personalized shower experience while making your bathroom more stylish. If you want to update your bathroom or need a new shower, cutting-edge technology in a stylish shower is the way to go!

Defining Cutting-edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology allows you to personalize settings for yourself and family members through phone apps. These technologies integrate smart home features like water conservation and digitalized temperature control, guaranteeing a spa-like experience in your own home.

This technology uses your home’s wi-fi and phone apps to control settings and allows you to turn on the shower from anywhere in your home or car.

Professionals should do most installations, but those with experience in technological installation can do a high-tech shower as a DIY project. The best part of cutting-edge technology in a stylish shower is the increase in your home’s value and the popularity of these showers if you sell your home.

Thermostatic Controlled Showers

Gone are the days when you were in the shower, and someone washed dishes, stealing the hot water and leaving you with an ice-cold shower.  Thermostatically controlled showers keep your shower hot even if someone uses water somewhere else in the house!


Style showers for the black house

They also maintain a consistent water temperature and pressure to ensure the elderly and small children are not scalded while using the shower.


Style showers for the house gold color

These contemporary shower fixtures look and function in amazing ways and are available in every color and style imaginable. There is a fixture for every shower style.

Smart Showers

Who would have thought we could set shower temperatures, pause the shower to conserve water while tracking our water usage, create voice commands, or add a playlist to our shower’s audio system from our smartphones? This amazing technological innovation saves time, money, and water as you enjoy a luxurious hot shower that matches your musical style.


Style showers with switch

Relax in the quiet of your home in a personalized steam room. Turn your smart shower into a steam room using a smart steam generator that can be controlled using smart technology and a phone app. You will never want to leave the serenity of your shower once the steam kit is installed!

Eco-Friendly Shower Technology

With water sources drying up at alarming rates, conserving water without compromising shower pressure is essential now more than ever. Low-flow shower fixtures come in assorted metals, finishes, and styles. Enjoy high-quality water pressure while conserving this precious commodity.


Long style showers

Why stop at the shower? Water conservation should be a must in every home. Add water-saving faucets, toilets, and bathtub fixtures to make the entire bathroom sustainable!

Hands-free sink technology lets you wash your hands without touching the faucet handles. It offers a metered flow of water that stops and starts with your hands, enabling the water to flow as you run your hands below the faucet.


Style showers and other accessories

The Ultimate in Shower Drainage

Shower drains are essential for draining the water from your shower and catching hair and debris to ensure it doesn’t clog the pipes. High-tech shower drains make draining the shower more efficient. Now, drains can be installed even if the water outlet is off by a few inches!


Style showers and other drainage accessories

Newer drains are more stylish and enhance the shower’s aesthetic and functionality. They are available in multiple styles and colors.

Shower Doors That Add the Wow Factor

While the function of the shower door is to keep the water in the shower and off your bathroom floor, why not choose a stylish shower door and make it the focal point of your bathroom? Shower doors have come a long way from the aluminum frame doors we grew up with.

Frameless doors are sheets of glass with no frame on metal hinges or clips. They are made from heavier glass and usually have rollers. They let in natural light, are easy to keep clean, eliminate the chance of mold that can grow on framed doors, and are pleasing to the eye. If you have spent money on a stone or marble shower, why hide its beauty behind a traditional shower door? Frameless glass doors also make the space look larger as the eye can take in the entire bathroom without any barrier that framed doors create.

Style showers and doors

Among shower door options are rolling doors or shower doors that use a single track to glide open. There are two-wheel and four-wheel designs. Inline bypass doors have a single opening and slide open side-by-side. All these doors offer a contemporary look to your shower that you will love!


Stylish showers and modern doors

Shower Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

Thirsty, fluffy towels are swoon-worthy after a hot shower or steam session. Add warmth to that towel, and you will moan in pleasure as you wrap the towel around you! Heat your towels with a heated towel bar. Never use a cold towel again!

Stylish showers and luxurious accessories

No matter your shower size, you will need a few shower shelves or baskets to hold personal care products. Depending on your taste, shower shelves can be sleek, trendy, or vintage. If you have a larger family, add one or two or make half a wall of shower shelves. Corner shower shelves offer double the space and come in various styles. Group the corner shelves in one corner or scatter them around the shower at different levels. The shower is a reflection of your personality, so let it shine!

Elegant Shower Safety

Everyone wants a beautiful and functional shower. If you have mobility issues or a disability, you can still have the shower of your dreams with a few small adaptations.

A shower seat is a must for those with disabilities and mobility issues. It allows you to remain independent as you do your daily living activities. The seat is mounted to the shower wall and pulled down for convenience and safety. You can use a free-standing seat for a more mobile shower seat. You don’t have to give up a luxurious shower—adapt the shower to your needs!

Getting in and out of the shower is much safer with grab bars, especially as you exit a wet shower. Contemporary grab bars come in several metals: some have a smooth-colored coating, and others are all metal with a metal highlight.


Stylish showers and luxurious accessories gold

If you do not like traditional grab bars, install a folding wall-mounted grab bar. Pull it out as you enter the shower and fold it down as you exit. This is the perfect grab bar for couples with mobility issues and spouses without!

Add fancy dispensers for body wash, shampoo, and conditioner to make your shower a showpiece. As beautiful as glass and crystal containers are, they are a safety hazard in a shower, especially if you have small children or elderly parents.

No matter the size of your bathroom, some showers and fixtures will make your shower and its space feel like an experience in a 5-star hotel!

At The Bathroom Boutique, you can enjoy an exceptional shopping experience in person or online. Our distinctive showroom features product displays of our inventory. Our onsite designers and staff can help you design the shower of your dreams. Call to schedule an appointment with a designer and get your bathroom or kitchen accessories. If you love shopping online, browse our large array of showers and shower doorssafety shower accessories, drains, and shower sets.

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