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style and luxury ideas for bathroom

Bathroom Styling Ideas: Style and Luxury Trends

The décor of your house speaks volumes.  It tells about you, your lifestyle, your personality, and how you’d like guests to feel when they come to visit.  And a part of that story is told by your bathroom—a part of home that’s frequently overlooked.

Fortunately, that problem’s easy to remedy:  The trends of today’s bathroom styles are versatile, eclectic, and personal;  you can freely choose any motif, and you have a lot to choose from.

From the master suite bathroom all the way down to the entry hall powder room, you hold all the cards, like:

Color. Whether it’s earthy terra cotta tones or the cool hues of a spa or beach setting, colors set the stage for expression.  Even the simplicity of whites, greys, or taupe can create a formidable minimalist feel, if that’s what you’re into. The colors of your walls, floors, and ceiling give you a baseline for adding other design qualities to your bathroom.

Vanity Style. If you’re stuck with a generic sink—you don’t have to be.  Vanities come in all shapes and sizes, and they all radiate distinctive personalities. 

Countertops made of granite, quartz, marble, stone…your only problem is to decide which one you like best. Think about adding a stainless steel, brass, ceramic or copper basin, or even consider a contemporary vessel sink.

beautiful sink for contemporary style idea

Accessories. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.  Go out on a limb when choosing the size and shape of mirrors, artwork, rugs, and soap holders. 

The trick is not to go overboard; instead, select a few distinctive items that reinforce whatever theme you’re going for.  For a natural feel, add some greenery, provided you have sufficient natural lighting to accommodate it.

a mirror with light is the best idea to style the bathroom

Lighting. The days of a single, centered light fixture in the bathroom are over.  Use lights not only to see, but to accentuate the decorative features of your bathroom. 

New LED technology offers a full spectrum of intensity, while using only a fraction of electricity of traditional bulbs.  If you’re looking for a subtle feel, go with soft white, low wattage bulbs—or bright, high-lumen white ones to really showcase the entire room.

Texture. Bathrooms need not be boring!  Creative drywalling techniques add distinctive character to your bathroom. 

Choose among a long list of styles:  The swirls of a comb texture, the simplicity of a popcorn design, or the ornamental patterns of a stomp knockdown presentation.  And don’t be afraid to give creative texturing to your shower walls, flooring, and ceilings.

mosaics and textures to stylize your bathroom

Plumbing.  Think innovative!  Faucets made of chrome, brushed nickel, brass, or matt black each add a unique signature to a bathroom’s décor.  If you have the space, bidets are becoming quite the thing in the U. S. 

the best ideas for styling a bathroom

And if you really want to go the next level, consider a “smart” toilet, a state-of-the-art approach to convenience and style.

So Many Decisions!

It’s great to have a lot of options.  It can also be a bit daunting.   As you sort through your alternatives, be guided by:

What’s practical for the size of your bathroom.  Try to accent the space you have without overpowering it.  With the right touches, a powder room can make a statement as bold as an owner’s suite bath.

Your light sources.  There’s a certain dynamic offered by sunlight, either through a window or skylight.  You’ll want your style choices to complement whatever type of light you have.

General Purpose.  Of course, we all know what bathrooms are used for, but ask yourself:  Who are the primary users? If it’s a guest bath, does it fit with the style of the corresponding guest bedroom?  How much emphasis should be on the tub or shower, for example?

Kids. If you have younger children, you want them to see the bathroom as a positive experience.  Think color, animation, and modernity so the kiddos will enjoy their time in the loo.   

Accommodations for family or guests with disabilities.  That’s not to say that you still can’t decorate on the cutting edge;  just make sure that what you have in mind can be enjoyed by all.

Finally—and most important—do what you like!  Indulge your style preferences, your lifestyle, and the messages you want your home decoration to communicate.  

“Eclectic” is a 21st century buzz word, so cut loose and let your passions guide you to discovering your own creativity!

Don’t Go It Alone!

Finding everything you need for your bathroom remodel from one source can be tricky, but The Bathroom Boutique is your solution for your bathroom accessories! Whether you’re more avant-garde or traditionalist in your tastes, we have what you need.   

We’ve got you covered for all the big stuff—tile, sinks, cabinets and the like—as well as the finishing touches like door knobs and towel rings!  We can even help you with your kitchen remodel items.  Reach out to us today!

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