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Small Bathroom Design Ideas for a Bigger, More Charming Look

If you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to redesign the space. While this sounds like expensive work, it doesn't have to be. You can create small bathroom design ideas for a bigger, more charming look by updating a few key items. Let's start with laying out your bathroom and increasing its charm while making the room look bigger.

Laying Out a Small Bathroom

Giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom starts with the sink and toilet. Choosing smaller, more compact bathroom fixtures will help make the room look larger. Corner showers vs. a regular size shower will save you room and water! While natural light in the bathroom is best, you can create a light and airy space with mirrors and strategic lighting. Create clean lines with less in your bathroom. Sparce is better in a small bathroom!

Making Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

Are you looking to make the room more elegant? Upgrade your key pieces in the bathroom. Go with brass or polished nickel fixtures and buy good quality. They will last longer and give the bathroom the luxe look you want.

Beautifying Your Bathroom

A beautiful bathroom is in the little details. Items like tile pattern and color, towels, window treatments, and accent pieces reflect your personality. They don't have to be expensive, but quality will add to the room's charm and last longer than cheaper versions of these items.

Charming Ways to Create a Bigger Bathroom

Declutter the Space

In a smaller bathroom, less is more. Remove bulky storage options. Use a few key pieces to decorate the space so it is functional and beautiful. Instead of a single hook, try a triple hook. It will give you three times the hanging room in less space. It also eliminates the need for towel racks that can eat up space.

Declutter the Space and small bath renovation

Mount the Sink and Toilet to the Wall

One of the best small bathroom design ideas is to lift your toilet and sink off the floor. Using a wall-mounted toilet and sink creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom. It also makes the space much easier to clean!

Bathroom design ideas small

Create Height in the Room

Making your bathroom look longer will add to the illusion of a larger bathroom. An easy, inexpensive, small design renovation is tiling the room to the ceiling. This pulls your eye upward so it looks bigger. Bringing the tile in the shower to the ceiling will complete the elongated wall illusion.

make the bathroom more elegant with mosaic

Tile comes in many beautiful colors; go bold or stick to light earth tones.

make your bathroom more beautiful with mosaic

Maximize the Room’s Light

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, you can brighten the room with a combination of lighting. Add a light in your shower. Maximize the room’s lighting using recessed lighting in the ceiling and add wall fixtures. With the right lighting you can open the space to look larger.

renew your bathroom with lamps

Downsize Your Tub

Downsizing the tub will give you extra space in the bathroom. Tub surrounds and traditional-size bathtubs take up space that can be used better. Freestanding compact tubs are an upgrade in a small bathroom design idea. These tubs are perfect for smaller nooks in the bathroom!

renew your bathroom with tubs

Upgrade Your Shower Door

Upgrade your shower door to a sliding shower. Sliding doors don’t swing out, so you won’t have to worry about door space. They are an affordable small bath renovation that can beautify your bathroom and create an elegant feel to the room. Shower doors that are textured or frosted will add luxe to your space.

Upgrade your shower door and others bathroom design ideas

Swap Out the Shower Head

An easy way to update your shower is a new showerhead. Not only is it budget-friendly, but depending on the showerhead, you can upgrade your shower.

change the shower in your bathroom renovation

Replacing all the shower fixtures will add extra luxe to the shower!

bathroom design ideas small and shower mixer

Create a Backsplash

A textured backsplash will change the look of the sink and create a focal point in your bathroom. Use patterns and texture to make the backsplash unique!

elegant colors in your bathroom renovation

Add Colorful Accent Pieces

Colorful accents in a neutral bathroom liven up the space, offer a distinct mood, and change the bathroom's look. Choose the same color for all accent pieces or spruce it up with a multicolored theme!

elegant colors in the renovation of your small bathroom

The Illusion of Mirrors

Nothing can make your bathroom look larger than a well-placed mirror! A Large mirror makes the room look and feel larger. Adding a lighted mirror will give the room the spacious feel you want while increasing the light in the room.

mirror and renovation of your small bathroom

Create Hidden Storage with a Small Vanity

Everyone loves the look of a luxurious vanity. For a smaller bathroom, a space-saving vanity can offer elegance and functionality. Choose multiple shelves or drawers to store towels, and other items to keep the bathroom less cluttered.

more space and renovation of your small bathroom

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