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the best ideas for bathroom color

Top 15 Bathroom Colors for 2024

A simple, easy, and affordable way to give your bathroom a fresh, new look is with paint and a few enhancing fixtures. 2024 offers vibrant colors and cozy pastels that will make your bathroom pop. The top bathroom colors for 2024 will have you excited to paint your bathroom!

Hues of Blue

Soft Sky is a calming shade of blue that creates a tranquil effect in your bathroom. The eye-pleasing color will remind you of the sea and sky. Use white tile on the floor and shades of white as an accent color to keep the bathroom bright, especially if the room is without natural light.

white as an idea for a bathroom color

Laguna Blue is a darker blue perfect for your bathroom as the only color or an accent wall. As an accent wall, use a light color like cream or shades of white on the beaded board for a clean, contemporary look. Use a lighted mirror for a focal point and add accent lighting to give the room an airy feel.

mirror to illuminate the bathroom color

Creating Warmth in Your Bathroom

Paris Romance is a soft pink that will add warmth to any bathroom size. While many people think pink bathroom colors are gone with the 50s, adding a metallic sink in silver and gray will give this an edgy, contemporary look you will love. Chrome fixtures will add to the upgraded bathroom!

sink to improve bathroom color

Wrought Iron is a warm grey. This relaxing color is perfect for homeowners who love earthy tones and elements of nature. Add a maple wood vanity in this minimalist bathroom that proves you don’t need extreme colors to create a simple yet elegant bathing space.

wooden sink to improve the color of the bathroom

Neutral Colors

Kid Glove is a light taupe that will open up even the smallest bathroom. Pair this neutral color with blues and greens for a breathtaking bathroom. Light blue floor tiles will keep this space cozy and relaxing.

blue tile for bathroom color

Earl Grey’s neutral tone offers serenity to your bathroom—accented with deeper greys and blue colors to give the room a trendy feel. The accent in cream and softer blues tranquilizes the room, especially with the porcelain cream tile on the floor.

cream tile for bathroom color

Shades of Grey

What is the most popular bathroom color in 2024? Grey! Think of shades of grey as you consider bathroom color ideas.

Charcoal Grey, while on the darker side, it is easily balanced with shades of cream or white. Add a white toilet or sink while doing the room's trim in the same color.

white sink for bathroom color idea

Beige Luma rock is the ideal focal wall. This combination is stunning and brings outside elements indoors.

stone tile for bathroom color idea

Grey Huskie is a relaxing light grey you will enjoy as you bathe in a free-standing tub after a long day! Its neutral color allows you to accent the bathroom with most colors. Add texture using natural accents such as wood or stone.

bath tub to improve bathroom color

Bold Color Statements

Burnt Burgandy is a deep shade of purple. Used on a textured wall with the right lighting, it is exhilarating and makes a statement. A rustic oak vanity with a marble sink is a great focal point for the room, adding warmth.

metal sink to improve bathroom color

Olive Green sounds drab, but light wood flooring and white trim give a fresh, light feel and look amazing! For a dramatic effect, use olive green as the focal wall with cream or light grey for the rest of the room. Accentuate both choices with a white vanity.

very white sink to improve the bathroom color

White with Bold Splashes of Color

Navy Blue is a classic color used in nautical or beach-themed bathrooms. A white room with navy blue is calming as well as bold! Place a white free-standing tub along the dark blue accent wall and trim the room in white with blue and white towels and window treatments. Paint the room white and use navy blue for the flooring, baseboards, and crown molding. Any way you use navy blue, your bathroom will work!

white bathtub to optimize the bathroom color

King’s Court is a medium shade of purple that gives the room depth. Against a white room, it looks lighter and makes the room cozy.

faucet and bathroom color

Gold accents like Roko hooks, a gold faucet, and vintage lighting will add a striking balance to the room.

towel hook and bathroom color

Romesco is a dusky red, the perfect color to add spice to your white bathroom. It is ideal for the top half of the wall. When painted over wainscot, it adds depth to the room. Add accent lighting with a lighted mirror over the vanity.

Use Color to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

Seafoam Green will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. The color is airy and gives the room the illusion of feeling larger. White accents offer a traditional sense. Beige hues create a warmer space that feels large. Brass lighting, faucets, and shelves will make the room look trendier.

Single Light and bathroom color

Writer’s Parchment will make your bathroom look luxe and large, while its creamy white hue adds warmth. Vintage accents in this bathroom will create a peaceful style. Metallic accents add elegance while giving a contemporary feel. Shower doors and faucets in chrome enhance the room’s modern ambiance.

Bathroom Faucet and bathroom color

It doesn't matter which bathroom color you choose as long as your space reflects your personality and you love it!

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