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Cubic 2 Way Presostatic Shower Mixer - Wall Mount - 5"

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  • MZR.SHR.CUB.05.01.BR.BLK Rough-in valve - Matte Black
  • MZR.SHR.CUB.05.01.BR.PCH Rough-in valve - Polished Chrome
  • MZR.SHT.CUB.08.00.BR.BLK Trim plate - Matte Black
  • MZR.SHT.CUB.08.00.BR.PCH Trim plate - Polished Chrome
  • MZR.SHT.CUB.08.00.BR.PCB Trim plate - Polished Chrome/Black
  • Handle
  • Allen key
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  • Spec Sheet (.PDF)  Download
  • Installation Instruction (.PDF)  Download


    Pressostatic shower mixer with 2 outlet. With this type of mixer you can maintain a precise water temperature during the shower. It protects you from any sudden change in the pressure of the water supply. The presostatic valve mixes the hot and cold water at the preselected temperature and reacts instantaneously to any change in the pressure of the water supply by readjusting the hot and cold water mixture to maintain a constant temperature at the outlet. If there is a failure in the supply pressure of cold or hot water, the pressure valve will close automatically. It is very convenient and safe, will keep the temperature of the preselected water and allow you to relax and enjoy your shower. It is ideal for all types of bathrooms, especially the bathroom for children that prevents possible burns due to pressure drops in the cold water.It has two selectable outputs through a diverter with three positions: out 1 - closed - out 2This system is composed of rough-in valve and trim.Available in different finishes.


    • Pressure balanced rough-in valve with 2 way diverter.
    • Two way selectable through a diverter
    • Shut-off valves and integrated anti-return valves
    • Pressure balance cartridge adjust inlet pressure fluctuations
    • Pressure balance cartridge prevent scalding, cold water supply stops when cold water pressure fail.
    • Maximun outlet temperature can be limited.
    • Minimun working pressure: 20 Psi (1.4 Bar)
    • Maximun working pressure: 125 Psi (8 bar)
    • Recommended working pressure: 45 Psi (3 Bar)
    • Maximun test pressure: 500 Psi (35 Bar)
    • Hot water inlet max. temperature: 180°F (80°C)
    • Water inlet threads: 1/2 NPT
    • Material: Brass
    • Finish/Color: Black
    • Dimensions:
    • Rustproof: Yes
    • Warranty (Years): 1
    • Material Warranty: Yes
    • Finish Warranty: Yes
    • UPC Certified: Yes
    • Easy Installation: Yes
    Color: Matt Black