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Sizable Linear Tile Shower Drain - Floor Mount - 40" Stainless Steel/Tile

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$890.00 - $890.00
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  • Tile insert Frame
  • PVC Channel
  • 2 Units Stop End
  • Threaded Outlet
  • 2" Hair Strainer
  • 2 units Channel trim
  • Lift Out Key
  • 2" PVC Clamp Down Drain Assembly
  • Qty: 1


Eliminate barriers on the floor of your shower with our site sizable drains. Adjustable in length makes it especially recommended for shower drains that have an off-center outlet or for lengths outside the market standard. Compatible with different floor structures (plywood, concrete, etc.) and designed specifically for waterproofing installations (shower tray lining). They can be installed next to walls or in intermediate locations in showers. Manufactured from a formed stainless steel channel body and an inserted tile cover assembly. Connection to standard 2 "drain outlet makes it suitable for new construction and renovations, removable cover makes cleaning easy, meets product performance standard and Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).PVC shower drain flange included.Available in different sizes and finishes.


  • 40" site sizable linear shower drain with tile inset cover
  • Modify length and outlet locate on site.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • 12 gauge, 304L stainless steel Tile Insert Frame
  • Removable tile insert cover for easy cleaning.
  • Flow rate 9gpm per outlet.
  • 2 inch drain hole.
  • ABS shower drain flange included.
  • Standard 2 inch shower drain flange connection.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish/Color: Tile
  • Dimensions: W: 40" * H: 2" * D: 2.85"
  • Weight: 44.1 lb.
  • Rustproof: Yes
  • Warranty (Years): 5
  • Material Warranty: Yes
  • Finish Warranty: Yes
  • UPC Certified: Yes
  • Easy Installation: Yes