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💲Check out our CLEARANCE products now! 🏷️

Nuvola Smart Power 45 Complete 208V External Kit Steam Generators - Wall Or Free Installation - 20" Crystal Glass/Metal/White Glass

by Effe
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  • EFF.STG.NUV.20.00.AL.WHI Steam generator
  • EFF.STD.NUV.08.00.CM.GLA Steam diffuser counterbox
  • EFF.CTP.NUV.08.00.CR.GLA Touch-screen control panel
  • EFF.SOS.NUV.08.00.CM.GLA Sound System
  • Installation accesories
  • Qty: 1


  • Technical Information (.PDF)  Download
  • Pre-installation (.PDF)  Download
  • Operating and Maintenance Manual (.PDF)  Download



Steam generators produce and introduce steam into Hammams. Sophisticated technologies are needed to ensure the best possible steam quality. The water which is converted into steam must be sanitised and descaled, a high-performance boiler is needed to keep the temperature constant, the steam generator must be energy efficient and the Power Steam function, which ensures the steam circulates correctly and the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the Hammam, is crucial. This high-power steam generator is fitted outside the Hammam: using the most sophisticated technology available and featuring clean, crisp lines, Nuvola Smart Power is a truly unbeatable product.


  • External professional steam generator, suitable for large spaces.
  • 3000 guaranteed hours of operation without the need for maintenance.
  • ODS (Open Door Sensor) function: the generator blocks steam production if it detects that the door is open.
  • Automatic control of the resistance thermometers for uniform steam distribution over time
  • Nuvola Smart Power is suitable for recessed solutions and therefore allows application in spaces made to measure.
  • Steam generator features:
  • RWF Regulating water flow: can work on a wide range of water systems with different pressures.
  • SWF Smart Water Filling: optimised management of boiler filling
  • SBC Smart Boiler Cleaning: dilution and intermediate rinsing processes not time controlled but based on real need.
  • SEC Smart Energy Control: evenly spaced on/off periods for the heating elements
  • ODS Open Door Sensor.
  • Touch-screen control panel with backlit icons and temperature gauge.
  • Steam diffuser features:
  • Adjustable flaps to control the outgoing steam direction
  • Cubicle air-recirculation system built into the water-resistant fan
  • Essential oils container
  • Steam output Led light
  • Additional temperature probe inside the diffuser
  • ECC
  • Effe Comfort Control:
  • System that remotely controls the steam bath from your device, using the Effe ECC app
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Power (KW) : 4,5
  • Volume (M3) : 3,5
  • 4,5
  • Volt: 208 1Ph
  • 60Hz
  • Amps: 21.63
  • Material: Crystal Glass/Metal
  • Finish/Color: White Glass
  • Dimensions: W: 20,47" * H: 10,6" * D: 10,2"
  • Weight: 154 lb.
  • Warranty (Years): 1
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