If you are ready to start finding the fixtures for your bathroom and you already went through
the discovery and inspiration phase. There are different types of bathroom stores where you can start
looking for them.

Bathroom Showrooms: An example of a showroom would be farrey’s. They are great at having all the
known brands in display with all the latest bathroom trends. They have experienced staff to guide you
find thethings that you need. They usually don’t stock product and their lead times depends if the item
is in stock in the USA and their prices are good because most local showrooms are matching internet

Online stores. An example of an online bathroom store is build.com. They are great because their
price point is very competitive. They don’t have the showroom and staff expenses that a showroom.
They usuallydon’t stock product and their lead times are around a week if the items are in stock in the
United States.
General Hardware stores. An example of them is home depot or ace hardware. They are great
because they have local stock available, their selection is limited and their price point medium. They
are not specialized in bathroom product and they don’t have staff to help you put together your

Bathroom Stores. An example of this would be the bathroom boutique. They are great because
they import direct from the factories in Europe and china. This is good because you avoid
intermediation prices and you get better prices. 
They have a bathroom showroom and experienced staff to guide you find the things that you need.
They are not specialized displaying the big brands. But if you don’t mind sacrificing a big brand for half
your budget they are a great solution.

I suggest you try them and see what works for you and decide which one like.

Thank you!


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